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Who Are We?

  1. We’re a friendly and relaxed guild. We welcome new members with open arms, as well as veterans to the game. No judgement here!
  2. We’re dedicated to all things in AoC from PvE, PvP, to Crafting, Skilling, and more! If the game has it, we accept and welcome it into the guild!
  3. We do not have any manditory meetings, raids, or anything of that nature. All events will be optional, and we’ll never give a forced task, unless it’s something simple such as an activity check.
More Information

A New breed of
guild that keeps
the players in mind

Knights of Ember has been around since Pre-Alpha. We’re now ready to recruit new, active, and veteran players to the guild. We are calm, collective, and do not ask much from our members. We’re aware that people have lives outside of games, and because of that we have a relaxed climate for those who wish to chill after a long day of work and hang out with like minded individuals. We simply want you to help out the guild whenever you can, and ensure that the guild continues to grow both member wise, and in game. No mandatory events, and if you have a long schedule, or want something more laxed than your average guild, this guild is for you.

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Our Goals

Create the best PvX community on AoC!


We wish to create a relaxed, and friendly community where you can not just find new people to play with, but new friends as well.


We wish to allow players to play all types of content the game has to offer, so we strive to have a PvX community. PvP, PvE, PvM, etc.


Crafting, Gathering, and all things skilling is welcomed and encouraged in the guild! If you do not want to use combat, and wish to spend your time making or gathering, that is fine with us!


From exploring new parts of the world, dungeons, and all things exploration is something we love to do, and encourage you to do as well!

What The
Players Say

Awesome guild ranks!


Guild gonna be fire B)


This looks like the kinda guild for me <3
Cryptic Owl

Cryptic Owl


Find answers to all of your questions here

Are new players welcome?

We accept new players to the game, as well as strive to teach them the game in and out!

How do I join?

Do you see all of the Join Now buttons spread across the whole website? I guess not if you’ve asked this question. Simply CLICK HERE to join our ranks!

How do you progress in ranks?

Rankings in this game vary from rank to rank.

  1. Recruit is given to those who first join the guild.
  2. Member is given to members who are on the forums and reach level 1.
  3. Dedicated is given to those who are on the forums, and reach level 2.
  4. Privates are given to those who are on the forums and reach level 3.
  5. Specialists are given to those who are on the forums, and reach level 5.
  6. Corporal is awarded to those who show initiative with creating, leading, and organizing events, raids, dungeons, etc. These individuals have countless Wolf Pack awards on the forums, and have proven themselves worthy of leading!
  7. Sergeant is awarded after a Corporal learns the ropes of their duty, and continues to show the same initiative, leadership, and organizational skills needed.
  8. Generals are Sergeants who go above and beyond, past the call of duty and create successful events, raids, dungeons, etc. time and time again. They show that they have what it takes to be the leader of leaders and are then promoted accordingly.

Where is the base of operations?

We do not have a BOP as the game isn’t out yet, however we’re going to set up in a Divine Node to ensure further development of the guild and individuals inside of the guild.

Can Non Alpha/Beta players join?

Of course! We don’t just accept veterans, we accept everyone no matter what!

What are the ranks, and what do they mean?

Are there any age restrictions for members?

We do have mature content on our discord channel. Nothing explicit, however we talk normal and don’t censor ourselves so discussions could get PG13 or even X rated, however no images will ever be shown that is X rated. This being said, it is up to the individual to decide if they are old enough and mature enough to join.

What Classes/Races do you need?

Firstly, we accept all races and classes in the game, we are always in short supply of Tanks and Healers.

Ranks & Structure

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